Why Vaccinate?

Parents who vaccinate can breathe a little easier because they know they have given their children the best protection possible from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Here are Vax Maine Kids’ top four reasons to vaccinate your children:

  1. Vaccines save lives. Like installing a car seat or baby proofing your home, vaccinating your children keeps them safe and healthy while they explore their world. If you follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended vaccination schedule, you can protect your children from over 14 devastating diseases before they turn two years old.
  2. Vaccines are safe. When it comes to our children, parents have a hard time deciding how safe something really is. But just as you researched the safety record of your baby’s car seat or crib, you can research vaccine safety to help you make the right choice about childhood immunizations.
  3. Children’s vaccines are always being studied and tested. The data is clear — vaccines keep your children safe, and vaccines are safe for your children. The more you learn about how vaccines work, how vaccines are made and the latest vaccine research, the more confident you will be that vaccinating your children is the safest, best choice.
  4. Not everyone in Maine who needs vaccines can get them. Some of the people diseases hurt the most — infants and babies, children and adults in chemotherapy, children on steroids for asthma, and HIV patients — can’t get vaccinated because of their age, illness or severe allergies. They have to rely on herd immunity. That means they’re counting on their friends and neighbors just like you to get vaccinated and keep dangerous diseases from spreading to them.

There are so many reasons to vaccinate your children. Share your reasons with Vax Maine Kids and other parents in Maine!