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Coping with the Creepy-Crawlies: Lice, Scabies and Bedbugs

Posted on September 21st, 2016

18338340Kids come home from school with wonderful things—amazing artwork, challenging homework, new ideas and funny stories. Sometimes, though, kids bring home bugs. Not the germs and viruses we’re normally blogging about at Vax Maine Kids, but BUGS. If your family is dealing with head lice, scabies or bedbugs this school year, you’re not alone—and we’ve got some great advice on what you should do!

First of all, don’t panic. We know it’s hard. We’ve been there! But head lice, scabies and bedbugs are a common occurrence in Maine and around the U.S. A case of head lice doesn’t mean your children aren’t clean and an outbreak of bedbugs doesn’t mean your house is a mess. These creepy-crawlies are widespread and they spread very easily, especially among children in close quarters like daycares, classrooms and dormitories. Continue reading