Vax Maine Kids supports and applauds pro-vaccine parents and others for standing up for their choice to keep their children healthy and safe from vaccine-preventable diseases. You are doing the right thing for your children and for your community. Your voice makes a difference. Thank you.

I chose to vaccinate my son—it really wasn’t something I had to think too hard about. The benefits of vaccinating, have always outweighed the risks for me. Because he started daycare at 12 weeks, it was really important for me to protect him as much as possible against illnesses, especially when he was going to be exposed to so many, so early.
Jessica B.
Gray, ME

I absolutely see that there’s a social responsibility to being vaccinated. That being said again, it’s a personal decision. I do see it personally as a kind of community obligation.
Aysha S.
South Portland, ME

I think that there’s a lot of diseases that we vaccinate for that parents kind of think, “well, no one ever gets that anymore so why do I have to vaccinate my child against that?” But, the risk of not vaccinating your child is much greater than any potential effect of the shot.

I’m actually a healthcare provider and I see kids with cancer and other immune disorders who are unable to get vaccines and so they’re very susceptible to diseases which, thankfully for most of us, we don’t have to see or deal with. And I think there’s just a responsibility to the people around you to vaccinate your child. That you’re not doing this just for your child, but for the well-being of the community at large, and I just feel that’s very important.

I would just say to a fellow parent, if you want to give your kid the best chance at living a happy, healthy life, vaccinations are an easy way to do that. And although the process can be traumatic, in the big picture, it’s a small trauma for a big reward.
Jason Schucker
Gorham, ME

It was always really important to me to vaccinate my daughter, and it was clear that I had a responsibility to protect her. When she was a year and a half, my dad was diagnosed with leukemia, and it hit home really hard about how important it is to protect our community because he was out and about in the community and he had no protection from these diseases. And so, vaccinating my kid, and vaccinating other kids in our community is protecting people like him who are at high-risk for diseases.
Emily Rines
Brunswick, ME