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Vax Maine Kids connects Maine parents with local voices they can trust. Our experts have real evidence and expertise, real concern for the safety of Maine’s children and sometimes even Maine accents.

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Check out the videos below from our Maine Vaccine Experts.  Visit the Vax Maine Kids You Tube channel for even more videos from our experts and local Maine parents.

Why is it important to Vaccinate?  Maine Doctors Share their Reasons…

Maine experts weigh in about why it is important to vaccinate. Learn more about the benefits of vaccinating and get help in making the best choice for your own children.

Immunity to Pertussis wanes, so it’s still important to vaccinate!

Immunity for the pertussis vaccine wanes. Find out why it’s more important than ever to vaccinate.

All About Vaccines

Learn about vaccine science and the vaccine schedule and hear answers to common vaccine questions from Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital pediatrician, Dr. Logan Murray in this on-line version of the Maine Medical Center childbirth and parenting education class, All About Vaccines.