Getting Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Posted on July 5th, 2013

It might not seem like it, but July is the perfect time to schedule your child’s wellness visit or school physical.

Is July too early to think about getting ready for school? In Maine, it sometimes feels like summer has only just begun! But even though your child’s backpack is full of sandals, sunscreen and sand today, you’ll be packing it with notebooks and a lunch in just a few weeks.

Try not to pack too much back-to-school preparation into the last few days of summer vacation. Maine doctors and nurses recommend scheduling your child’s wellness visit or school physical now, before the back-to-school rush really begins. Most Maine elementary, middle and high schools will begin classes on or around the end of August. But new student orientations and sports practices may begin a week or two earlier—and if you are sending a teen off to college, they may need to be on campus even earlier.

Doctor’s offices struggle to fit in families who need physicals or immunization and other health records before the start of a new sports season or the new school year. If you call and schedule your child’s visit now, you can avoid disappointment, frustration and stress for everyone involved. You will be able to cross an important item off your list and get back to enjoying your summer vacation.

Have you noticed any ongoing health issues in your child over the summer? If you have concerns about migraine headaches, tummy pain or other significant issues, don’t wait for a wellness check or school physical to bring them up with your child’s doctor.  Schedule a separate visit so you can spend time discussing them.

Before your child’s school physical or wellness visit:

FEEL GOOD ABOUT … Making sure your child is able to play school sports and enjoy school safely from the time the first bell rings.

TALK ABOUT … Scheduling wellness checks and school physicals with your friends, to help them beat the rush, too!

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