About Vax Maine Kids

Vax Maine Kids was launched in August 2012 by the MaineHealth Childhood Immunizations Program with the support of the Maine Immunization Coalition.

Across the nation and particularly in Maine, more access to free vaccines for all children and an increased focus on the importance of childhood immunizations are starting to drive childhood vaccination rates higher.

However, in Maine, our rates are still not high enough to prevent outbreaks of diseases like pertussis or measles, which means the youngest members of our communities are still at risk for these and other deadly diseases.  In fact, 6 of our 16 counties have less than 70% of their 2 year olds up to date on all recommended childhood immunizations.

Recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data ranked Maine as having one of the highest rates of whooping cough infections and unvaccinated kindergartners in the nation.

Our doctors, nurses, public health advocates and policy makers know that Maine’s current vaccination rates and these disease outbreaks are related, and that something needs to be done. Maine children’s safety is at risk.

Maine parents need a local source for information they can trust and guidance they can count on. That’s why Vax Maine Kids works so hard to keep Maine kids safe by keeping Maine parents informed.



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