Vax Maine Kids

When Maine families have vaccination questions, they turn to Vax Maine Kids. We are doctors, nurses, public health advocates, policy makers – and parents. We know when parents get real facts about vaccines, they get their kids vaccinated. But with so much conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know whom to trust.

Maine parents can trust Vax Maine Kids for local, accurate, evidence-based vaccination information, vaccine news, and helpful vaccine resources.

Vax Maine Kids also connects you with other Maine parents trying to make the right choices for their kids.

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Why Vaccinate?

Facts about the risks and rewards of immunizations show why vaccinating is still the right choice.

Vaccine Resources

From immunization schedules to ingredient lists, be prepared to protect your kids.

VAX Schedules

Vaccination Safety

See how vaccines are made, tested and studied, and see just how safe they really are.

Parent's Corner

Connect with other Maine parents who share your concerns about keeping their children safe.

Share Your Story